We have workshops and retreats for entire organizations to do internally, and occasionally we provide offerings for different people from different organizations to attend together. These sessions are nothing short of amazing and transformation happens before your very eyes.

During each specific training, Stephanie and her team explore fun and stimulating topics in a ridiculously supportive environment. Participants feel their energy build while facing personal and organizational challenges, which results in new ideas, solid action plans, and leaves everyone feeling appreciated and valued. In a matter of moments these trainings create a real sense of community amongst participants.

Set in various locations, or at your organization’s location, we help teach and support you in creating a Culture of Appreciation. With both indoor and outdoor activities possible, these challenging and fun retreats leave you ready to create positive change. Trainings are available for large or small groups depending on the topics.

Topics Include:

  • Appreciation of generational differences
  • Celebrating diverse leadership styles
  • Intercultural communication nuances
  • How to make appreciation neuroscience work for your organization
  • Unique appreciation needs of virtual teams
  • The power of asking and telling
  • Appreciating constructive conflict
  • Environment matters
  1. Prior to sessions designed for specific organizations, we discuss the challenges you, or your organization, are facing so we tailor the sessions to fit your needs.
  2. The activities are sophisticated, unique and varied to keep everyone engaged; we use multiple teaching methods to reach different learning styles.
  3. Participants create solid action plans and next steps, ready to implement new tools while connecting deeply in a meaningful way.
  4. Individuals leave feeling more valued, which will support their desire to work harder for the organization and be more committed to it.
  5. Appreciation skills are integrated to make them a habit in all aspects of life.

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