65% of workers say they did not receive a single word of praise or recognition in the past year.

– Gallup poll

The Ripple Effect

Engaged employees equals thriving business.

At the end of the day it’s how you feel that counts. The #1 reason people leave their job is that they don’t feel appreciated.

Losing good employees costs time and money. This is a big loss for organizations who want to build dream teams of success.

Gallup estimates the cost of disengagement to the U.S. national economy at $300 billion a year.

Culture of Appreciation has a unique formula to create a special type of camaraderie among diverse groups of people. We help you design a plan that integrates processes and solid theory to inspire the best out of any employee or team.

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The Pollack Experience

Creating lasting appreciation is both an art and a science.


With 25+ years of experience as a consultant, facilitator and professor working across the globe, Stephanie expertly combines positive psychology with theories and practices of behavioral economics, intercultural and interpersonal communication, experiential education, organizational development, and group dynamics.

The outcome is a noticeable gain of positive change for any organizational environment. By implementing a unique appreciation process suited for each situation, your group will flourish and your employees will then deliver higher quality results, all while having fun.Work With Stephanie

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